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How Can We Fill Your Driver Needs?
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How Can We Fill Your Driver Needs?

Philadelphia, PA (215) 536-7338


Toll Free (888) 349-9299

Welcome to the Commercial Drivers Leasing Web site!


COMMERCIAL DRIVERS LEASING is a reliable, experienced, cost effective solution to your driver needs.

1.) Reliable: We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year     and holidays.

2.) Experienced: Serving customers in the PA, NJ, DE, & MD market since 1999.

3.) Cost Effective: Eliminating hiring costs, payroll taxes, unemployment    compensation, retirement plans.

 Our customers benefit by having the flexibility and convenience of having the amount of drivers and which driver(s) suits them best.

 If your companies core business is seasonal or fluctuates, Commercial Drivers Leasing can fill those needs and at the same time keep your costs down so you can concentrate on fulfilling your customers needs.

Why your company should use COMMERCIAL DRIVERS LEASING as your backup, supplemental and fill in driver needs: 

STABILITY - Established in 1999, we are recognized as an industry leader.

VALUE - Reduce hiring cost, payroll taxes, unemployment compensation, retirement plans.

FLEXIBILITY - If you are in need of a driver for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or longer, we are here.

RESPONSIVE - We are available 24 hours/7 days a week/365 days a year and holidays.

Companies looking to hire drivers: COMMERCIAL DRIVERS LEASING has the solution.

1.) Eliminate your cost of hiring.         
     (Running ads can be expensive)

2.) Eliminate interviewing and qualifying 
     (This can be time consuming)

3.) Eliminate the responsibility of 
     maintaining and up keep of DQ files.

Let us handle all aspects of getting your company the driver you are looking for. We will qualify the driver(s) for you, therefore you can concentrate on running your business.

We can save you time and money while helping you overcome these obstacles by providing quality professional drivers.

Our customers say..... 

"The office staff are professional and courteous..."

"Your drivers are on time and get the job done...."

"We don't have issues with your drivers like we did with other leasing companies in the past...." 

"Your rates are very competitive..."       

Your company always fills our driver needs, even last minute..."

"Thanks for helping us out during the Holidays..."

"Your drivers are professional..."

"You always get back to us immediately..."


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